"One of the rarest things that a man ever does, is to do the best he can."
- Josh Billings

Virginia Tech MSDS Database

Home Page for the MSDS Database A sample of the listings

The Problem

The Chemistry Department at Virginia Tech has to keep up with a lot of reports and papers, especially when dealing with chemicals. All lab settings are required to have access to the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets) sheets to ensure proper handling and safety of chemicals are observed. However, maintaining all of this is difficult for such a large university. So, they wanted to make it easily accessible, yet easy to manage.

The Solution

Using a simple database and file management system, I created a system in which an administrator can log in, post a new, or updated, safety sheet, and have it listed with the others. To allow them to manage everything, they have the ability to easily add or remove administrators. The site is accessible to all Virginia Tech students.

What web design features did I use?

The site was developed using an OOP approach in PHP. This makes it super easy to maintain and update on the code side of things. The site also relies on jQuery, and a few plugins. It uses my modified quickSearch plugin to allow sorting of the tables, and also uses AJAX calls for various other functions.