"One of the rarest things that a man ever does, is to do the best he can."
- Josh Billings

Virginia Tech Chemistry Grad Admissions

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The Chemistry Department wanted to update their process of admitting graduate students, and tracking them once they were in. Their current system was all paper based, and made it difficult to manage at times. They hired me to change that.

What does the site do?

When a student applies to the Chemistry Graduate School, they do so using ApplyWeb. From there, the data goes to the Graduate School on campus, which is then passed to the Chemistry Department. However, this data does not contain all of the original data. My first task was to aggregate all of this into one database.

After students are imported, members of the Admissions Board can log in, and view potential students. They can review students' applications, their files, their letters of references, and post any comments. From there, they can better make a decision about admitting a student.

An Admitted Student...

Once a student is admitted, they move from the Admissions portion of the application into the "Progressing" portion. Members of the graduate student's committee can log in and view the student's information and files.

What features are in this application?

First of all, there is a lot of security in this application. There are several roles, each of which has different read/write levels.

The site makes use of a few jQuery plugins, including editable (edit-in-place plugin) and fancybox (modal window plugin). I also custom wrote a few scripts to handle the posting of comments and various other functions.

The site also has a "CMS"-like backend, in which an admin can log in and add users, set their roles, view error logs, and a few other things. One thing that made it tricky is that a user account could either be a Virginia Tech account or not, as some students have committee members that are not VT faculty.

Since its launch, other departments have shown an interest in it, and I may soon be expanding the application. More is to come later...

Since the site is restricted to those with accounts, the screenshots will have to suffice.