"One of the rarest things that a man ever does, is to do the best he can."
- Josh Billings

Step Up Enterprises

The home page for Step Up Enterprises A screenshot of the home page One of the internal pages on the site A few of the partners of StepUp Enterprises

What is StepUp Enterprises? Well, according to their new website, "Step Up Enterprises exists for one simple and profound reason: because everyone has a next step - regardless of socio-economic status, life stage, or personal history. Our desire is to help people live well. We are purveyors of hope in the midst of life’s transitions and challenges. We help people take next steps in three ways: Training, Counseling and Consulting.".

The Project

This project was done in collaboration with Jon Newman. Jon Newman worked directly with the client (who is his uncle), and he also created the design of the site using Photoshop. I then took those psd images, and converted them into valid XHTML/CSS. From there, I turned it into a Drupal theme, and built a complete site for them to use.

What's in the site?

The site allows StepUp Enterprises tell everyone who they are. They have the ability to share information and resources, share past experiences, and sign up people for upcoming conferences and seminars. Because of this ability, they have a greater reach to help those in need.