"One of the rarest things that a man ever does, is to do the best he can."
- Josh Billings

Sigma Alpha, Pi Chapter

Screenshot of the website View of the top section of the site A sample of the galleries

The Sigma Alpha, Pi Chapter Sorority approached me because they needed a new website. The one they had simply did not provide the functionality they wanted to help them. They wanted a way to reduce the amount of emailing they needed to do, and to help all of the sisters stay informed. They had seen the work I had done on the Prevet Club website, and wanted that sort of quality of work.

What did I do?

I first worked to develop a theme. After looking at various collegiate chapters, and the national organization's site, I came up with a theme. I sent them a mockup, and they were thrilled with its look. Then, it was time to move it to valid XHTML/CSS and then to Drupal.

As part of their organization, they wanted to keep track of the number of meetings each sister had missed. After doing some research, there was no module that fulfilled all of the needs they had. So, I made my own. There are various permissions to specify report dates, verify who can see what, and even an Excel spreadsheet export. Those without admin privileges only see their report, while admins can see the entire organizations' report.

Other features

Sisters in the organization have the ability to upload photos into various photo galleries, view a membership directory, and even send messages amongst themselves. Eventually, the site will open up to alumni members to allow further collaboration amongst the Chapter.