"One of the rarest things that a man ever does, is to do the best he can."
- Josh Billings

Laboratory for Interdisciplinary Statistical Analysis

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Developed while working with the Blacksburg Electronic Village.

What is LISA?

Created in 2008 from the Statistical Consulting Center, the mission of LISA (Laboratory for Interdisciplinary Statistical Analysis) is to provide service, research, and education to Virginia Tech. They work with many grad students, professors, and organizations to provide statistical analysis.

What did they need?

LISA had a site that worked, but was getting outdated. With Virginia Tech's adoption of a standard theme, LISA desired to update their site to match the other organizations and departments on campus. Their site had the ability to post meeting reports, but was available to a select few individuals, and was not securely coded. They wanted something done professionally, and done well.

So, what did we do?

Their new site, built in Drupal, allows for more interaction with the clients and collaborators. A client visits the site and requests collaboration with LISA. After a request has been made, a LISA Admin can assign the request to LISA Collaborators. These collaborators then meet with the client, are able to use the portal to track the progress of clients. The LISA Admins are then able to vie the progress of all clients, and able to generate reports for analysis of their own.