"One of the rarest things that a man ever does, is to do the best he can."
- Josh Billings

Jon Newman Portfolio

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Note: Site has since been redesigned.

Who's Jon Newman?

Jon Newman is graphic designer from Blacksburg, Virginia. Jon has worked with a variety of clients over the years and with multiple firms and design studios. Notably, he spent two years working with Alliant Studios, a firm outside of Washington D.C. that develops dynamic brands, brand strategy, and brand communication tools.

What's special about his site?

Jon Newman has a fairly common name, but his work true is unique. So, he needed something that would show his uniqueness.

Jon created his own look and feel, and sent me the psd's. I was able to then take his work, and make it a reality on the web using valid XHTML/CSS.

Jon's site runs on Drupal, which is typical of the sites I develop. However, his contains more sophistication with the various jQuery features his site uses. The featured portfolio entries rotate automatically, and link to the appropriate link within his own portfolio. Hooking all that up (only using the Drupal Views module) was a little tricky, but it was a lot of fun as well. Jon is able to now fully represent his work on the internet.