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- Josh Billings

Fit Extension 2010

Fit Extension Header Registration Selection Portion of the Team Captain Dashboard

Developed while working with Blacksburg Electronic Village.

What is Fit Extension?

Fit Extension is an outreach program to promote physical fitness and healthy eating. Teams are organized all over the state of Virginia, with about 200 registering last year.

What made this year's version different?

Last year, the entire process was done on paper. Teams would fill out the logs of the miles they walked, and submit them to a Fit Agent, who then posted them on the site. This year's implementation included the ability for Team Captains and Members to register online. Team Captains were then able to directly post their own miles and vegetable numbers.

What features are included?

Team Captains are presented with the "Team Captain Dashboard" that walks them through the process, and helps to ensure they don't get confused or lost. From this dashboard, they can easily create their team, send out invites, and check on the status of their team. Fit Agents also have the ability to send newsletters to the participants registered for their county/city.

Various modules were custom developed to create this system, including the Team Captain Dashboard, a newsletter auto subscriber, a invite status module to display more information on their invites, and a module to provide more granular permissions when viewing team nodes.