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Yes Pandora, I'm still Listening

Are you tired of having Pandora stop and wait for you to click "I'm still Listening" button? Well, drag the button below into your bookmarks, and when you start Pandora, click on it. Then, you'll never see that button again!

I'm Still Listening - drag me into your bookmark toolbar and click when viewing Pandora

How's it Work?

When Pandora revamped their interface a while back, they moved to an HTML based display. With that, it allows Javascript to interact with the controls. This script simply checks once a second if the button is there. If it is, it clicks on it. That's it!

Technical details: Pandora includes jQuery for use, so this bookmarklet uses that. The button is selectable because it has the CSS classes still_listening, button, and btn_bg. I find anything that has all three of those buttons and click on it! Pretty simple.